SU comic strip.

guess this was put on the internet! it’s in the back of AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL #1 which you should buy because frank gibson and tyson hesse are AMAZING

A tiny teaser of the new Steven Universe comic series that I’ve been working on with Coleman Engle. He’s been knocking it out of the park and my doofy words have never looked better! Get excited you guys :-)

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Quick morning warm up of some dummy

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Just a quick reminder that I’ll be tabling at CAKE or Chicago Alternative K/Comics Expo. If you’re in the area, please stop by the Center on Halstead from 11 - 6 both Saturday and Sunday to see the goofy pairing of Jonathan Bell Wolfe and myself! Table 95! Its where the party is at!

Its the last convention I’ll be doing for a lonnnggggg while so hope to see you there!

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