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Just a heads up that I’ll be tabling at TCAF this weekend in the bright and beautiful city of Toronto! If you’re in the area, please stop by! This year I’m tabling with the fine folks of 2DCloud, where you can pick up the Little Heart anthology! Remember!? 

Besides picking up that lovely little gem, I’ll also be selling my new book, the 56 page preview primer for Curveball, that thing I’ve been holed up in my cave working on. Each book is a three color silkscreen, hand cut fold up little number. On top of that I’ll have some new silk screened prints and a few copies of last year’s zine In The Parlor Room

And for those not attending TCAF, I’ll also be tabling at CAKE here in Chicago and I’ll be attending SPX, so do not fret, there’ll be plenty of time left to see my goofy ass face.

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