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Hey Chicagoans! 

If you aren’t too busy this Saturday night, you should stop by Gallery 27 (1833 S. Halsted from 6 till 10) down in Pilsen for their inaugural show. I’ll be there! Probably tipsy and wearing a tie! 

The show is called Futura and its focusing on the work of that king of quirk, Wes Anderson. I had already done a Wes Anderson piece a few years back and I felt strange about repeating myself so I went for a whole separate approach. Instead of settling on a more obvious painting of Steve Zissou, I went for the Wes Anderson camera shot, that over the shoulder look at some found object that we would otherwise gloss over. It something that I try and stress in my own comics work, probably because of Wes Anderson, that feeling of holding a special object (see In The Parlor Room). So I rigged up this cardboard sculpture, manufactured little slides made of cut up gouache paintings (depicting a scene from each of his movies) that you actually interact with as you look through the length of the sculpture, looking over the shoulder at each of the little scenes.

Here are two little articles about the gallery show HERE and HERE for those interested!

  1. tumorhead said: oh man I wish I could stop by! I love Wes Anderson and just got upset that his latest isn’t in any theatres in town :C WHat a crazy thing you made, excellent!!
  2. krismukai said: p cool
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