A painting I did a few weeks back, about the pathetic crush I have on the guy who works the Duck Butcher’s stall at the Farmer’s Market. 

Its one of those crushes that comes completely out of the blue and instantly turns your brain to mashed potatoes. One minute, your mentally practicing how to ask for two slices of the Galette de Canard and the next you’re fumbling with your pocket change spilling most of it out on the ground in front of him. 

Its okay though, when I figure out a way to sweep him off his feet we’ll both look back on this and laugh.



This weekend is SPX and I’ll be there/ See above post for more details!

Along with myself (and the floral shirt I’ll probably be wearing) I’ll have the usual crop of books and prints. I have the last few copies of In The Parlor Room (I think I have four left?) as well as the preview edition of Curveball (that book of mine I have been busy working on). Also, a new risograph print and a few silkscreens as well! I’ll even have small paintings for sale (see above image).

Also I wanted to mention, that if you are still interested in a copy of Little Heart (that equal marriage rights anthology) the publisher 2DCloud, at Table W61, will be there and will be more than happy to sell you a copy. Also, I have a pin up in a Sonic zine being sold by the wonderful Becky and Frank at tables W-13 through W-20. 

C U THERE!! <3 <3 <3

The 12th of September 2012 NOTES: 234 painting, gouache, illustration, colored pencil,

Recently, I’ve been feeling very frustrated by my normal way of doing things, especially after spending so much time glued to Photoshop preparing books and prints for TCAF. Photoshop is all well and fine but I think my love of it has been waning. 

Now that I’ve been ink washing my comics pages on a light box it seems sorta silly that I’m not approaching all my work like this! And I love to paint, which I always seem to forget.

Also, I realized that this painting is accidentally a painting of a young Wilma Flintstone (when her last name was Slaghoople) wearing Fred’s shirt.